Grid-Enabling Infrastructure

Increase Business applications performance and scalability with the following inter-operating platforms implementation and maintenance:

Fusion Middleware (Oracle 10g)
Exchange Infrastructure (SAP Netweaver)
Globus Toolkit (GT3 and GT4)
Microsoft .Net

Grid-Oriented Projects and Solutions

Maximize return on investment and lower total cost of ownership with the following IT optimization strategies:

Scavenging Resources
High Performance Application Servers, Clusters, Pools and Farms
Robust, Secure Autonomous single administration domains
Virtual Organizations
Web Services and Distributed Data Access and Integration
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Grid Enterprise Services

Enable high performance business and applications by providing:

Real time processing of large volumes of transactional and analytical data.

Reliable integration of heterogeneous business applications, systems and platforms.

Flexible on-demand deployment of new and legacy applications.

Collaborative business orchestration and data intelligence.

Coordinated, ubiquitous and secure access to corporate resources.

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