Business Intelligence

Successfully enabling high-performance business and applications requires not only a smart and slim design, according to industry and software engineering best practices, but to transform business strategy and insights into effective business actions. Using modern enterprise applications, data warehousing and business intelligence solutions, along with Grid enabling infrastructure and advanced statistical models, we provide functional intelligence expertise by transmitting key information exactly and directly to the place where it can be most fully exploited, in business day-to-day operation; where new information is effortlessly and seamlessly converted into profitable business action.

Enterprise Resource Planning / Extended ERP

We can streamline your operation with robust, reliable, and secure business applications that will ensure you beat your competition and tame the ever growing complexity of IT infrastructure. Our group of certified experts can smoothly and flexibly advance your business towards a successful implementation or upgrade and maintain your system for maximum efficiency and value. We deliver immediate results, differentiated business value and added competitive advantage.

Interaction Center, e-Commerce & Portals

We support an array of strategic and tactical business objectives.

Customer Relationship Management

A smart implementation will increase your company's productivity, improve decision making capabilities, and create more profitable relationships internally and externally.

human hair extensions S-treme Development

S-treme Development is the art of being able to modernize, organize and simplify business applications. S-treme development is based on the foundation of Information Technology as Service, making technical and business resources available on demand to meet the more exigent business challenges.

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