GRIDMS (Grid Mining Services, Inc.) is a privately owned company founded in Atlanta, GA. in 1999 for the purpose of leveraging large and medium corporation's business strategy and operations through emerging technologies.

In the beginning the main focus was on web applications and web intelligence: developing business applications to automate business processing and enabling them to run over the web. As leaders of this field, we provided customers and end users with more reliable web applications and more fulfilling web experiences.

Currently, GRIDMS is supplying highly specialized enterprise services and technical consulting to support flexible, on demand, deployment of high performance business transactions and data processing over "state of the art" integration and application infrastructure a.k.a. "The Grid". Overall, the Grid enables large corporations to efficiently and reliably complete customer-service oriented initiatives while simultaneously maximizing return on investment and lowering total cost of ownership.

Our clients include large corporations with complex Business Applications, e-Commerce, and Portal installations and platforms, who consistently demand high quality information technology and professional services to widen the scope of their operations and increase their flexibility to deploy new products on a local or global basis.

Our GRIDMS Enterprise Services portfolio enables our clients to decrease costs both in software applications infrastructure and in human resources investments, while maintaining and improving world class levels of service and competitive advantage.