Streamline your operation

Design and construct your business applications in a form that offers least resistance to business opportunities and market change. Improve the functionality and efficiency of your installed ERP, extended ERP, or IT infrastructure.


Increased competition and ever-increasing complexity of IT environments, make it crucial to have a trusted advisor and strategic partner. At GRIDMS, we have proven solutions for critical IT business questions; business and technical expertise. This expertise will move your IT initiatives in the direction that ensures that at any given instant competitive advantage, corporate objectives and user needs will be met simultaneously, resources optimized, time to market and return on investment assured.

This is a new era of business competition-- the era of the union of traditional and state of the art IT business applications, the era of high quality diversified enterprise services. This is the era of GRIDMS.

Please feel free to explore our website and our firm. Take a look at what we have to offer. We will be happy to help you improve your business.

Company Overview

Our mission is to provide enterprise services of the highest quality available in the market, significantly adding business value to our customer's applications and integration infrastructure.

Business Strategy & Solutions
Integration & Application Infrastructure
Computing Infrastructure

Enterprise Services:

Business Intelligence

Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer Relationship Management

E-commerce and Portals

Integration Infrastructure

Grid Middleware

Distributed Applications and Projects

Application Development

Technology Projects

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